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Wake The Gaming Community....

Okay, this post is for all those who want to complain about what corporate has done to the video gaming world & community.
i play only pc games and will spend 24 -2- 48 hours a week gaming.
i am 39 years of age and kinda know how to game.
im disabled and get my keystrokes backwards.
(push the wrong key sometimes).......but i still survive : )

for the longest time i only played single player games (offline)
morrowind, oblivion, pray, and doom 3, games like that with great single player camps.
But Steam & Online games, The Gaming Community, and Consoles (like X-box PS3) really have lessened the gaming experience to just a product to sell.

i feel that all these kids are starvivng for some kinda of escape from a ♥♥♥♥ed up world.
with nothing beter to do with themselves, they will reach for most anything that others think is cool.
they don't know any better.
those ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s up in corporate know this and cash in on it.

games are less immersive, cheep, and glitchy. the story is the same...just a title.

not only do you buy the game, internet, but even sometimes the online server rights to play with friends. this is not cool...

( GIVE ME A DEAD ISLAND THAT I CAN GET LOST IN ) the world is just as ♥♥♥♥ed up for me too.

dead island $50
i bought the game and it was so ♥♥♥♥ed up.
i read somewhere that it was downsized to host platforms and not PC.
had they put i bit more time and energy into the make it would have broken the mold.

i want peoples feedback...

how could this game be better?

why do the containers respawn?
why so glitchy?
that is so X-box i want to throw the game away.
--- sad ---

For all you young-ones out there - thank you for hanging in there!
it is not the same world as it was when i was growing up, it is not the same video game i was playing either.

(thank your modder for doing what the developer should have done....)

WTF am i that old?

TIP - Thorn In Paw ->(lonewolf allience)<- LWA

games i will try
left for dead 2
all need steam to install &?or play

i wish dead space could be modded so it is true first person point of view
any mods for This ??? i hate having to look at the back of the character as i play.
any hud mod???

oh, thank you fellow modders.
and a sincere shout out to all you female gamers...you are so rare.
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TBAGtv Oct 27, 2012 @ 12:33pm 
I wouldn't know about Dead Island, but it wasn't originally supposed to be on PC. I feel however, that alot of games get dumbed down because consoles can't do what PC can. You're right about corporates wanting money because I've a feeling that after the next gen consoles come out that all pc content will be dumbed down alot just to save money by making all games via cross platforms.
Curtis@HeroesofTalon Oct 27, 2012 @ 1:38pm 
I have to agree with most of this, games have been dumbed down in the past few years in general, with "Modern Military Shooters" essentially dominating the market and products seeming to be more of rehashes of older games as opposed to something unique.
HOWEVER, the Indie scene on PC is fantastic, games are generally more innovative from Indie developers and can often be a lot better in some cases.
cioran Oct 28, 2012 @ 4:37pm 
Dead Island, like Borderlands, is a bad port of a great console game

Play Deus Ex: Human Revolutions. It's the best PC game I've played in years. And yes, I played the original (when it came out), the new one is much better.

There are some good, incredibly complex, MMOs coming out too, but in general, complex single player CRPGs are all but dead. I think NWN2 or Drakensang 2 was the last great hurrah of those games.

Times (and tastes) change. These things come and go in cycles. Console RPGs used to be turn-based JRPGs, now they're KOTOR or Elder Scrolls styled.

There are some sims that are very detailed and as always, thanks to the fact they're mostly unplayable on consoles, RTS's are still largely unscathed.
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FUN Creators Oct 28, 2012 @ 6:40pm 
I am from the same generation :)
I can feel your pain, since we played those great games related to the golden age of the industry!

But now the Supply > Demand
The situation now is: "Let us put super cg movie / extra graphics to deceive the gamer, so we can sell MORE and gain profit!"

SlaughterMcKill Oct 29, 2012 @ 12:44am 
Originally posted by Itachi Uchiha:
I am from the same generation :)
I can feel your pain, since we played those great games related to the golden age of the industry!

But now the Supply > Demand
The situation now is: "Let us put super cg movie / extra graphics to deceive the gamer, so we can sell MORE and gain profit!"

Gaming was mainly about profit from almost the beginning, but back in the 90s and into the following decade, you didn't have mountains upon mountains of standardized junk MilSim games flooding the market due to the signals generated by the success of franchises like COD/BF. Also, the various "forms" (or genres) were still developing and filling out during that period, so naturally its much easier to innovate within a simpler, more formative framework than within a complicated and mature one. At least that's my view.
Scruffles Oct 29, 2012 @ 1:11am 
I waited 11 years for Diablo 3 right after i finished Diablo 2..when they finnaly pushed it out,it was the worst release i have ever waited for.This is what happens when you try and save money and get new people to release a game that was a Huge hit.Look at Torchlight 2 , that was also designed by a part of the original creators of Diablo 2.all i can say is Thank you for Torchlight 2 , it is a brilliant game.
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zmcgahuey Jan 4, 2013 @ 8:58pm 
Diablo 3 dissapointed me too, I loved Diablo 2 to death when I was 15 and when d3 came out i was excited tell i played it. it really sucked... I was games were like they where in the late 90s and early 2000s
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