torchlight 2 modding
theres one problem with modding torchlight 2, There is never any good mods. Most the mods are cheats for the game so i ask why doesnt steam start up a torchlight2 workshop
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Negative_N 2012年10月14日下午7:01 
Huh. I never knew mods for TL2 existed already. This is news to me.
Maybe they haven't been popular enough for Relic to ask Valve to put them in the Workshop.
Bitman Absolution 2012年10月15日上午2:32 
your welcome for the news and you are probably right about relic not being popular enough
Bitman Absolution 2012年10月15日上午2:34 
if you want mods just go on there main relic site
there is a mod thing for tl2 and tl1
Bitman Absolution 2012年10月15日上午2:37 
and also do you know if there releasing any class dlcs for torchlight 2
Bitman Absolution 2012年10月24日上午1:30 
you gotta put the mods in the torchlight 2 paks folder
Salman ahmed 2012年10月24日上午10:08 
what i have heard is that that steam workshop will be added sometime in future
Bitman Absolution 2012年10月25日上午12:06 
cool thanks oh by the way could you get some people to join the steam group n sync gaming its got double xp and they give out lots of weapons on tf 2 and everything
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