Shizu 2012年10月13日下午10:24
How to make a successful clan?
Need some help.
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thewillielee 2012年10月14日上午1:38 
Successful as in what?
Shizu 2012年10月14日上午8:15 
As in lots of members, popular servers, etc.
All successful clans have two things in common, meaning and a unique goal. If you're just one of those "general" gaming clan, be prepared to fail over and over again.

Meaning - if your clan has no purpose other than to just be a clan, people will not be inclined to join as there is no reason to.

Goal - a clan with no goals tends to fall apart at an alarming rate.
最后由 Τhe Rolling Cheese Wheel 编辑于; 2012年10月14日上午9:36
Shizu 2012年10月14日上午10:06 
Good to know, thanks!
thewillielee 2012年10月14日上午11:00 
I get it now. The Rolling Cheese is correct. You must have an objective of your clan related to the games that you would play. Also, it might help to get likeminded friends join your clan straight off.
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