☮ ραтяισт ☮ 2012年10月13日 5時24分
Let me hide topics that have Russian alphabets
Most of the other nationalities have the common sense to write in language that most people understand. To solve this problem I would like to be able to hide topics written in Russian. Other option would be to educate them to write in English ... but that is not realistic.
最近の変更は☮ ραтяισт ☮が行いました; 2012年10月13日 5時25分
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FrazerJC 2012年10月13日 6時47分 
People who don't speak English are allowed to talk, too.

Maybe you're at fault for not knowing Russian?
Xalticus 2012年10月13日 14時37分 
It would be nice if Steam could at least implement an optional [Translate] feature, which they could probably get from Google barring innane corperation paranoias of course. On the main Forum which by default always opened in my preferred browser(Google Chrome) that option was naturally supplied & is able to be set to do it's thing automatically.

Discussions however insist on opening in the Steam browser which sort of robs you of that option with out having to jump through many increasingly annoying hoops just to learn what you were translating was either whining or fail trolling in the first place or so badly typed in their own language that the translator has no idea what the ♥♥♥♥ they were even attempting to say.
Samuel Benjamin 2012年10月13日 15時15分 
That would be a useful.

And frazerJC :L

Is some one speaks french, You jsu tcan't relate to them.
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Sera 2012年10月13日 22時12分 
Not sure if there is a word that means racism for language but you're that... Russian post annoy me too but that's a detail. I don't care about them and I don't see a reason to hide them. Just ignore their threads and go on with your life. Jeez...
FrazerJC 2012年10月14日 3時43分 
Exomonkeyman の投稿を引用:
And frazerJC :L
No, I was being sarcastic. Of course I don't think someone is at fault for not knowing a language.
But at the same time, they are allowed to talk, too. If you don't speak their language, you can either use a translator tool (such as Google Translate) or you can just entirely skip the thread. It's no biggie.
schnitzeljaeger 2012年10月14日 13時28分 
I vote for an "Iron Curtain" button :)
•n 2012年10月14日 13時41分 
schnitzeljaeger の投稿を引用:
I vote for an "Iron Curtain" button :)
That is both discriminative, and pure genius at the same time.
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