(VG)bennymac 2012年10月7日 12時08分
Arma 2 clan
Hi guys. I am going to be starting to play Arma 2 and was looking to join a clan. I am really into the realism and training and was looking for a clan who participate in missions and training with real life army tactics etc. Anyone got any suggestions??
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PlanBMan 2012年10月7日 13時19分 
Hey benny ive started a scrim forum and im am also starting a clan myself. The clan will be called "Equin" now that we ae talking about video games, playing like the army wont be that easy to get wins. But i will try to make it as realistic as possible. Hit me up if you wanna join.
ianskate 2012年10月7日 13時29分 
This is not the place for team recruitment.
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