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I'm new to Steam myself, so I thought it would be a good idea to take it upon myself to ask for an introduction to everything us noobies need to know or would like to know about Steam, like getting started and finding our bearings.
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ReziTail 2012年10月5日下午6:24 
wrong place but hope you like your stay
Carneguisahdude 2012年10月5日下午7:38 
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wrong place but hope you like your stay
Oh... Well, all the more reason for an introduction from a seasoned Steam user.
By the way...
thewillielee 2012年10月5日下午8:28 
hi, I don't care if you want to add me as a friend. Look for Dam187.
Wendschlag 2012年10月7日上午8:33 
Try some F2P games, and see what you like. They are Free.
Highway 2012年10月7日上午11:33 
first rule of steam... never buy games during seasonal sales unless they are 75% off on the saves a lot of butthurt. Rule 2# for sale bundles always check the seperate prices too... freqently we've seen a GOTY edition priced same as a half complete edition.
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Dawgman67 2012年10月7日下午7:32 
Great for purchasing and downloading games. Automattically updates games. Only service that was close to steam was D2D but then they went and sold to gamefly.
Veedash ツ ☻ 2012年10月8日上午9:41 
Beware of people spamming free games, BEWARE NEW STEAM USERS, BEWARE!
Maverick[GR] 2012年10月9日上午5:01 
Hello from me i'm new too and i like strategy such as command & conquer,civilization,empire earth 3...rpg such as fallout,skyrim... and some other games like dungeons,the guild 2...
u want action/packed?realism? DOD-Source
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正在显示第 1 - 9 条,共 9 条留言
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