Steam Community Custom URL Expiration Date
VALVe employee Mike Blaszczak already implemented the ability to claim custom URLs from disabled Steam accounts:

Now all that's left is the ability to claim custom URLs from accounts that haven't logged in for a long time (like 1200 days)

Please make it come true!
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Interesting news. Wish i could give you a +rep cookie ;)

In any case 1200 days are a looot of time (40 months, that's almost 4 years)
so how can i take over an url like that?
Mark'Oh! eredeti hozzászólása:
so how can i take over an url like that?
You have to find someone that didn't log last 4 years and then you can claim his custom url.
hmm, thanks. is this some kind of automated process, that will start by trying to enter that name in the url field or do I have to take some other action?

because this user hasn't logged in for more than 4 years now:
but I can't find anything related to taking over their url...
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̣ 2012. szept. 27. @ de. 8:31 
Mark'Oh! eredeti hozzászólása:

this user hasn't logged in for more than 4 years now:

at the moment you can ONLY claim URLs from DISABLED accounts.
it seems the "markoh" account just hasn't logged in for a long time.
Steam's policy seems to be to not delete accounts that have paid games on them, no matter how inactive they are. In this case, the "markoh" account has games on it, so it won't be deactivated. And with the VAC record on that page, I'm not sure I'd want that account, either.
@ragan65 You claim the profile URL, not the account contents.
̣ 2012. szept. 28. @ de. 6:57 
Tito Shivan eredeti hozzászólása:

You claim the profile URL, not the account contents.

he's right ragan, the login data and games attached to the account have nothing to do with URLs
1200 days, I'd make it 1460 that way it's an even 4 years.
Steam's only been around for 8 years so I don't see anyone loosing there url unless they've completely giving up on steam.

This is the URL i want:
No idea why he has the url, it's not his community name or account name (i own the account name).
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making your account name public isn't the smartest move, even with Steam Guard enabled
My url is mine! ALL mine. You won't take it!
Over my dead body! Hell. Not even that would be enough.

:D :P ;)
maybe because your URL isn't that common ^^
i still dont completly get how to reclaim the account
From what i read you can only claim DISABLED accounts URLs (And they have to be disabled for some time) Reclaim from inactive accounts were not implemented yet.

Also, am I the only one who has noticed that post is More than a YEAR old?? (Valve time strikes back?)
yeah, atm VALVe is busy getting Dota 2 and HL3 out the door, no time for the URL stuff :(
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