OS2.Y2Q 2013年9月19日下午8:47
Your trading privileges have been permanently suspended for violations of the Steam Trading Policy.
what can i do ?? i never lie anyone !!! can anyone hlp me??
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wat. ᶜʰᵉᵉˢᵉ 2013年9月20日下午12:20 
wrong board.
Mr. Purple 2013年9月21日上午1:42 
Contact Steam Support. They may tell you why.
Psychedelic Psychopath 2013年9月21日上午1:55 
Hello there,

If you wanted to contest the ban, you should issue a ticket to Steam Support, which can be found here:
Note that Steam Support requires a DIFFERENT account from your Steam Store account.
[DK]Mathias 2013年9月21日上午3:19 
Yeah, as Don says. Contact Steam Support. They might tell you why.
d7602002 2013年9月21日上午5:03 
You have to read what people post, but also what they DONT post. He never asked WHY he was suspended, which leads me to believe he knows why. He asked what to do. So Gestapo has the correct answer to contest the ban.

OS2.Y2Q 2013年9月21日上午8:04 
the steam tell me i gt scam ppl =-= i trade my ithem buy using money how come i scam ppl =-= ♥♥♥♥ the staff
Spawn of Totoro 2013年9月21日上午8:20 
Only support can help you and answer your questions. No one here has access to that information or the ability to do anything about a trade ban.
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