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GetOwnedGames (v0001)

GetOwnedGames returns a list of games a player owns along with some playtime information, if the profile is publicly visible. Private, friends-only, and other privacy settings are not supported unless you are asking for your own personal details (ie the WebAPI key you are using is linked to the steamid you are requesting)

Could someone explain to me what phrase "the WebAPI key you are using is linked to the steamid you are requesting" is mean? How to "link" WebAPI key and requested steamid?
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В.И.Ленин Sep 12, 2013 @ 9:47pm 
Thanks for consultation!
Another interesting topic is WebAPI key. I've tried to register many keys linked with my real steam's profile but different domains and seems that domain name doesn't matter.

So, users can't retrieve own profile info (for example OwnedGames) from my website even if they pass through steam's OpenID authentication. Am I right?
riq Feb 12, 2014 @ 4:49pm 
I'd like to know pretty much the same thing. I've been wanting to make an app just for fun where I could show metrics to users. The problem I run into is when the user has a private profile, I have no way of authenticating the user so that it bypasses privacy settings. I think this is a bit of an oversight, unless I'm missing something obvious that allows me to retrieve this information for the user.
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