[RDM]Krümelmonster 2013年8月4日上午1:50
gta 5
hi people,

do you know by chance if gta 5 appears for steam?
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ᴷᴬᴿᴿ 2013年8月4日上午2:16 
At the moment, GTA5 isn't even coming to the PC....
[KoD]Dingle141 2013年9月20日上午10:39 
It most likely will, evidence is popping up all over the place now
Simon // // 2013年9月20日上午10:51 
Chronic 2013年9月20日下午4:20 
why wouldnt they make it for pc? they have all the other gta's...it wouldnt make alot of sense if they choose not to make it for pc. ♥♥♥♥♥ cray.
Johnny Cash™ 2013年9月20日下午4:52 
nvidia have been hinting that they are doing something with gta
T∆ELOR 2013年9月20日下午7:09 
At the moment, no, but theres a good possibility for later in the year.
Kamina 2013年9月20日下午8:18 
I'm guessing this Fall, October or November. Might be a surprised.
Silicon Vampire 2013年9月20日下午8:32 
Please, search before posting.
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