Noob Player 2013年8月4日 1時50分
gta 5
hi people,

do you know by chance if gta 5 appears for steam?
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K.A.R.R. 2013年8月4日 2時16分 
At the moment, GTA5 isn't even coming to the PC....
[CoS]Dingle141 2013年9月20日 10時39分 
It most likely will, evidence is popping up all over the place now
Chronic 2013年9月20日 16時20分 
why wouldnt they make it for pc? they have all the other gta' wouldnt make alot of sense if they choose not to make it for pc. ♥♥♥♥♥ cray.
Luca$ 2013年9月20日 16時52分 
nvidia have been hinting that they are doing something with gta
T∆ELOR 2013年9月20日 19時09分 
At the moment, no, but theres a good possibility for later in the year.
Kamina 2013年9月20日 20時18分 
I'm guessing this Fall, October or November. Might be a surprised.
Silicon Vampire 2013年9月20日 20時32分 
Please, search before posting.
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