how to add friends that dont show up in search
apparently posting in the forums helps
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Vitdom 2013年2月16日上午5:46 
If they don't show up, then they haven't setup a Community Profile. IF they have, then it's a bug, and you should ask the person to send his/her Steam Community Profile link to you.

If you have the persons SteamID, you can fetch the link to the profile using a service such as
Nachtpreacher1097 2013年2月16日上午6:19 
Ok i will try that he should be able to find this forum post and add me easy enough i reckon though got a suspicion he might not have verified his account though.. he has deffinatly bought a game on steam so its not that issue either.
Vinyl Countdown 2014年12月26日下午4:07 
That's a good idea. My friend can't add me either, so I'll go ahead an post here so they can find me. If that's alright with you.
Nachtpreacher1097 2014年12月26日下午5:10 
yep thats perfectly alright if this old post of mine helps even one person thats awsome :)
Dagnabbit 2014年12月26日下午7:39 
Is it really THAT hard to send each other links to your profiles? Really? I fear for the future of humanity.
Nachtpreacher1097 2014年12月26日下午7:40 
lol not for most people certain people though are a pain to add successfully ..
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