SgtWireless 2013 01 月 31 @ 1:56下午
Cant view screenshots uploaded on the friends activity tab.
I cant seem to see them. They dont load and clicking to enlarge them doesnt work either. Anyone else having similar issue.
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ref 2013 01 月 31 @ 2:45下午 
I thought it was just me with this issue. I cannot view them also. You can view them if you click on them and then click on the top url link.
greuben ♥ 2013 01 月 31 @ 3:06下午 
We are aware of the issue and are working on it. No data has been lost, and if you check in a browser other than Steam, you should see them.

We've fixed the error for any new screenshots being uploaded, and are working on fixing the error for screenshots that were posted about 1:30 AM GMT today and 10:45 PM GMT today, as those have been cached with bad data (though the source is still in tact.)

Technical details for those interested: We were passing a duplicate Content-Disposition HTTP header entry for the affected screenshots, which most browsers ignore, but the Steam browser throws an error. We've fixed the issue now, but the duplicate entry has been already been cached for the affected screenshots, so we still need to clear the cache for those screenshots.
SgtWireless 2013 01 月 31 @ 3:10下午 
Wow, Thanks for the response. I didnt expect to get an official response on this discussion especially over something small like this.
Clan Wolf 2013 09 月 14 @ 9:51上午 
yeah this is still a occuring problem, thanks greuben for that insight. please keep us posted. greuben, is there things we can do on our end? like verify caches and multiple defrags? couldn't hurt
Kodeki 2013 12 月 19 @ 11:27下午 
Thanks for the reply greuben, I was wondering why my screenshots weren't showing up at all.
Sy__Jessica 2013 12 月 20 @ 1:06上午 
pb 01 月 5 @ 1:48下午 
Has this been resolved? I took a screenshot for a game I played, shared it publicly, but I cannot see it in Community hub -> Screenshots -> Recent, even after 20 hours.
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