Batiste 22 декември 2012 в 9:24след.
Have DoTA 2 in library, but no key and can't buy the pack on sale.
I want to play DoTA 2 with someone, and they have it in their library (from the survey) but they never got a key. They want to buy the DoTA 2 pack on sale so they can play it, but since it's in their library, they can't purchase it (even though they can't play it because they don't have a key.) :C Is there any way around this?
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Sloppy Seconds 23 декември 2012 в 1:18сут. 
When I unlocked DoTA 2 from the survey I didn't get a seperate key; rather, I got a Steam news pop up saying that I got into the beta and an email from Valve saying that I got into the beta. It is quite possible that they already have the game, assuming that they did indeed get into the beta via the survey.
Tito Shivan 23 декември 2012 в 3:11сут. 
2/4 packs always sen one of the packs to the purchaser's library.
If you already own the game, you cannot purchase 2/4 Packs.

Only workaround i can think of is to purchase single copies as a gift to send.
RQ.iNFINITY #Legend 23 декември 2012 в 4:22сут. 
I can invite your friend.
RONIN 16 февруари 2013 в 4:53сут. 
ive got 30 dota 2 keys and il change them for 2 cs go
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