Darnitguy 2012年12月10日 16時59分
Good Workshop Ideas
I was thinking of some things they shoud add to workshop as mods. Like a mod for capes, one for a flying machine, and so on. Feel free to use any of my ideas and to leave any of your own.
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Darnitguy 2012年12月10日 17時02分 
Whenever I get an idea I will just post it on here.
FrazerJC 2012年12月10日 17時04分 
Okay, great! ... Now which game are you talking about?...
Darnitguy 2012年12月10日 17時26分 
Skyrim, sorry forgot to mention, though really you can post about any game
Mr. Martian 2013年1月19日 18時10分 
i had an idea for left for dead 2, where instead of common infected, they are the xenomorphs/serpants/aliens from the aliens franchise.
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