Gears2kill 2012年12月5日 9時38分
Steam Winter/Christmas Sale?
Does anyone know when the winter/christmas sale starts?
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Kauldwin 2012年12月5日 9時42分 
As several people have said on numerous posts about this, there is no guarantee, but it's likely Steam will have a sale and it will probably start a few days to a week before Christmas.
Gears2kill 2012年12月5日 9時43分 
sorry did not search before asking, but thanks :)
Keonyn 2012年12月5日 9時55分 
Someone stated that it was leaked the start date was the 20th, but that's probably not reliable information.
Disposable 2012年12月5日 10時08分 
I heard it was on the 21st
Zen 2012年12月5日 10時38分 
Slayterrr の投稿を引用:
I heard it was on the 21st
Can't tell if trolling
Or both.
Thunderous Jingo 2012年12月10日 16時45分 
I think it's from Dec. 20-Jan1
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