SeriousDan 2012年12月4日上午6:58
New "installation folder" feature not working with all games
The new feature "installation folder" is not working with all games - example:

World in Conflict - NOT asking for installation folder
World in Conflict: Soviet Assault - new feature works, asking for installation folder
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SeriousDan 2012年12月4日上午9:43 
Thx for the links - it was meant like a feedback cause of course you are right with the
new content system but it doesn't always make sense like the above example shows
(both have the new content system and it's not a good idea to install the add-on in a
new, different steam folder as it should be installed into the original World in Conflict
game folder) ...

By the way: my steam folder even has its own exclusive hdd (internal) since a while -
just to big ;)
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