Bournestorm 2013年12月23日下午1:50
Which Steam Profile Backgrounds are Best?
Just wondering what (In your opinions) Steam backgrounds look the best! Links to the pictures on external sites would be cool too

Right now I've got a couple Tomb Raider backgrounds I'm loving, as well as a few Chivalry: Medieval Warfare ones that look nice - I was a little dissapointed with the Bioshock Infinite backgrounds, why couldn't there have been one of just the Columbia skyline?

Anywho, fire away!
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Hail Hail 2013年12月23日下午1:52 
heres a good site.. gives you hd pics of cards and backgrounds.. some make really good desktop backgrounds :)
Youtubeuse beauté 2013年12月23日下午1:57 
The ones from trine 2 are pretty amazing, you should totally check them out.
TheFoxOnTheWall 2013年12月23日下午1:58 
@mon thats a great site thank you for posting it.
Atm I like my XCOM background. Its very nice.
最后由 TheFoxOnTheWall 编辑于; 2013年12月23日下午1:59
Bournestorm 2013年12月23日下午2:00 
引用自 Mon The Hoops
heres a good site.. gives you hd pics of cards and backgrounds.. some make really good desktop backgrounds :)

Whoa! This site is perfect, thanks for posting it
Bournestorm 2013年12月23日下午2:23 
@Super @failwithstyle I see what you guys mean, XCOM and Trine 2 both have very nice backgrounds, thanks
Mudtogeinn 2013年12月23日下午2:30 
Agarest but really expensive
Touching Hair 2013年12月23日下午2:46 
I really like EVE Online's profile backgrounds. They seem to go quite well with the layout and design. It's just a shame I can't change the colour scheme from the ugly blue to a nice green.
最后由 Touching Hair 编辑于; 2013年12月23日下午2:47
Warlord 2013年12月23日下午3:22 
The one I use.

No clutter, contrasting colors make the best.
Dreakon13 2013年12月23日下午3:24 
Armo 2014年1月21日上午11:53 
Mine, obviously. Kiki and Viola from Saints Row 3 are just perfect in that background.
Pyttsson 2014年3月22日下午7:44 
I'd say "Lovely Circuitry", from Tower of Guns is my favourite. It's complex and yet it does not make your eyes strave away from your profile (unlike how many backgrounds with etc, characters do). It actually resembles classic tapestry somewhat
最后由 Pyttsson 编辑于; 2014年3月22日下午7:46
fa5ty 2014年3月23日上午4:38 
I love the background of Terraria
最后由 fa5ty 编辑于; 2014年3月23日上午4:38
Bl4ckArtz 2014年3月23日下午12:30 
Honesly I like the Counter Terrorists background! It's sick.
Jatokae 2014年3月23日下午1:24 
This is as good a place as any.
Vitdom 2014年3月23日下午8:11 
最后由 Vitdom 编辑于; 2014年3月23日下午8:12
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