Standin.KYX May 11 @ 6:32am
Your trading privileges have been permanently suspended for violations of the Steam Trading Policy.
GUys i have this problem someojne sent me this message and it was a hack message
Hi.Add my friend pls, he can't add u. He wanna trade with u.
<Link removed - Please do not repost phishing links>
just copy link in browser and click add friend
then when u copy paste it it will give a duplicate site of steam and they will ask you to download something and when u download it it will sent same message to other people and they will report you help me report this to steam so that steam might unbanned me
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|«ScReaM»| May 11 @ 6:36am 
Please do not repost phishing links, other users might accidentally click them and get infected themselves.
We cannot assist you with this issue on the forums, please get in contact with Steam Support.
Note: Steam Support requires an additional account, your standard Steam account credentials do not work for it.
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