swenor 04 月 27 日 @ 上午 5 時 07 分
Activity Feed broken?
My feed hasn't been updated since April 20th. What's up? Steam beta bug? Or else?
In global feed I can see ppl buying games/dlcs, earning achievos, posting stuff, it's just MY PERSONAL feed not being updated.
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Finaldeath 05 月 12 日 @ 下午 7 時 19 分 
My feed hasn't been working for several weeks as well. The only "social" feature i use and it doesn't even work.
jerk store 05 月 12 日 @ 下午 7 時 33 分 
Mine has been broken for the last few days, it just cycles and loads nothing.
Shasow 05 月 12 日 @ 下午 7 時 37 分 
Mine seems to be working perfectly fine.
og***** 05 月 13 日 @ 上午 2 時 17 分 
Feed broken here, too. Have not seen any friend activity for nearly a week, and cannot see any past activity. Put in a support request yesterday.
swenor 05 月 13 日 @ 上午 4 時 33 分 
Ha! So I was not delusional. It's weird but my activity was fixed a few days ago. However at the time of writing OP I had my feed not showing anything on my side for 7(circa) days.
This must be a bug on STeam's side.
♫TGC> The Games Collector 05 月 13 日 @ 上午 9 時 03 分 
For me it's the badges page.
Just can't seem to reach it, oddly enough I can reach a specific badge's page, but not the list with all the badges, it just redirects to last page or profile.
:/ weird stuff going on with the client or community...
swenor 05 月 13 日 @ 上午 9 時 19 分 
Wow. Steam is lowering the quality of service. Various people are reporting missing functionality :(
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