Victus Apr 14, 2014 @ 7:02am
Urban Fantasy Games
For a few years I've been reading urban fantasy novels such as the Dresden Files, Felix Castor, Hellblazer (comics and novels), Shadowrun (technically a cyberpunk urban fantasy). For those who don't know, urban fantasy is supernatural phenomena/fantasy elements set in the modern, pre-modern, or even post modern world.

Now I'm looking for games that fit this sub-genre. I've played the Secret World which is an MMO that is set in a nice urban fantasy setting, but I don't really enjoy MMOs that much. Devil May Cry (the new one) looks like its set in urban fantasy as well as Vampire the Masquerade.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other video games that fit the urban fantasy setting/genre? Thanks.
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dwinblood Jun 28, 2016 @ 1:45pm 
There is a definite shortage of such games. The Shadowrun games could technically be considered URBAN FANTASY though they have more tech and gadgets. They still would likely fit into that. Though I didn't consider them as such until someone recently pointed that out to me.

The Secret World (which you've already playeD) can be mostly approached like a single player game and is one of the better story/environments. I wish they'd make some single player games LIKE that. I'm not talking about their recent theme park walking simulator.

The Vampire The Masquerade games have Urban Fantasy elements.

Some of the Assassin Creed games have elements that could almost seem Urban Fantasy.

Dishonored and the Thief series kind of skirt the topic too.

Any of the Zombie based games are kind of Urban Fantasy in nature.... but maybe not really since they don't usually have magic, and things other than Zombies.

It is a genre ripe for exploration.

I think a big part of the reason it is avoided is doing stuff based on settings that look familiar to us is trickier because people notice easily when something doesn't look right. Making High Fantasy (typical) stuff or Sci-Fi stuff is easier because it comes more from the imagination. So urban fantasy might have some more challenges.

I'd like to see more games like that too.
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