robot Apr 13 @ 12:29am
Trade Offer + Item Deletion Before Accepting Offer = Infinite Notification
One of my friends sent me a trade offer for an item on CS:GO. They deleted that item from their inventory before I could accept the offer and claim the item. Now, I have a lasting notification of that trade on the top bar of the steam window. The little green square at the top right corner of the window that tells you how many unread notifications/messages you have is constantly there, even after I've clicked on it and reviewed the pending offer of the item that I could not recover due to deletion.

How the hell do I get rid of this ♥♥♥♥... I have a permanent green message notification on my Steam window, and the original offer of the item that got deleted is permanently stuck in my "Incoming Offers" inbox.
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Black Blade Apr 13 @ 1:29am 
i think connect support
But I also think after some time it will fix it self
c313 Apr 13 @ 4:38am 
Yeah it goes away after some time, Idk when but takes a while
Major Asshole (Banned) Apr 13 @ 1:19pm 
I had a notification like that last for about 4 days. It's finally gone today.

It'll be gone before steam support contacts you back... :\
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robot Apr 14 @ 9:41am 
It's been exactly 11 days.
Vx Jun 11 @ 8:30am 
i have the same issue WTF VOLVO, wait this is steam
Fluing Jun 28 @ 11:20am 
Originally posted by Vx:
i have the same issue WTF VOLVO, wait this is steam
Steam IS made by valve, so...
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