Merry Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:19am
LF hardcore player
Hi guys I will make it short, Im french and recently moved to Canada, Ive got a lot of free time (like the whole day) to play but most of the time Im alone.

I would like to find one or more person who like to play with me with games like : Van helsing / Torchlight / Diablo / Titan Quest / PoE.
I play hardcore only EXCEPT this season in PoE, Ambush is so much fun ! Games like Torchlight or Van Helsin I usually play in hardcore and the maximum difficulty.

Im 22 and I'm looking for someone with the same age as me or near, mentality and conversations are really different and sometimes awkward when there is too much difference.

There is a little problem...Im french and I've learned english on my own so if you can accept my lack of english it would be great and it would help me to speak well AND maybe I can help you to speak french if you want !

If you want to try it but your not sure if we can understand each other (to be honest Im not sure my self) we can just try and if its a mess...well too bad !

Hope I will find someone.

PS: Not sure if Im in the right forum...steam community sounds like its what I search.
Date Posted: Mar 19, 2014 @ 10:19am
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