Stilleto 2014년 3월 10일 오전 10시 58분
ems katowice drops
Guys where do i have to watch to get the drops?lets say if i watch here NiPGamingTV will i get drops or not?now all the matches i watch are from csgolounge but i m not sure and because it is my first time i dont want to lose this opportunity to get some souvenir things thank guys

and one more thing do i need a pass or something or only link my acc?
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Black Blade 2014년 3월 10일 오전 11시 00분 
I have no clue what you talking abut
If these is CS:GO related i suggest you post on the CS:GO Hub:
kriejtor 2014년 3월 17일 오전 9시 28분 
nic nie dropi
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