ThaMadd Mar 2, 2014 @ 7:00pm
Demo of Games / Free During Early Access
So I created a disscusion in the suggestion forum for steam. And I get my post blocked to not have any further replies. For what? I didn't break any rules or go aginast the TOS. All I did is suggest something. I belive they blocked it becuse my suggestion is about the entire system of steam. I felt that all games should have a demos now since alot of people get ripped off cause the game ends up being pretty bad and you'll know this by the bad reviews. And theses games be like 35-45 bucks.We all know theirs some greedy money snatchcers here on steam whose just looking to make a quick buck and really put little to no effort in developing the game. And thats why I suggested this because it will eliminate them. I am very open for opinons and other views on this. I want to know if you think my suggestion is wrong or right. And explain why. I read the 5 replies I got before a mod stopped it for having anymore replies. I am not a raging troll. I am very open to others veiws so I can see if I'm not understanding something. Thats what arguments are for. To help eachother learn and understand. Of course many people dont wanna listen and understand and end up yelling and calling names. So that was completly uncessary and and uncalled for, for me to be blocked like that. And your probably ganna block this one to. And maybe even ban me from here for simply having a voice. The End.
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WhereIsBusmin Mar 2, 2014 @ 7:23pm 
Regarding your (now edited out) title: Your right to freedom of speech applies to the government, not a privately owned company and it forums.

Threads can get locked for a variety of reasons: They're repeat posts of something that has been posted a dozen times in the past, they get de-railed/off-topic, arguments break out, etc. I can't speak for anyone but I would guess that yours was maybe because it was something that has been suggested many times in the past.
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Matt Mar 2, 2014 @ 7:41pm 
Your use of capital letters and various inappropriate words are probably the reason the other thread got closed. The topic itself (cost of games) isn't a problem.

Some times it's not what you say but how you say it. Keep that in mind when posting here...
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