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Has anyone heard of the Games:Red Ocean, Liduidator 2, 13(Done by ubisoft in 2003, also known as XIII ), and the like? Im getting into older games, and was wondering if any of you have played them?
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crunchyfrog Mar 1, 2014 @ 5:29pm 
Yes, I have a rather massive collection of games dating back over 35+ years (I never sell games).

I seem to think I have Red Ocean but can't recall playing it. I can't recall Liquidator 2.

But, I do recall XIII as I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was one of the then-faddy cel-shaded games that really pulled it off. A bit simplistic I thought then, but having played it again last year it still holds up very well.

It's one game I truly hoped there'd be a sequel for as the ending was a real cliff-hanger.
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