Chris Feb 26 @ 4:59pm
steam sales are the best
gotta love steam sales
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AndyC94 Feb 26 @ 5:00pm 
They definitely are!

It's like the DfS sale. hahaha
Chris Feb 26 @ 5:02pm 
no more like january sales in pundland!!!
TirithRR Feb 26 @ 5:04pm 
They've been lacking recently. I can't tell if it's because they have been worse, or because other companies like Amazon, GMG, etc. are doing them now and make Steam look less impressive than it used to just by comparison.
Chris Feb 26 @ 5:05pm 
not being funnybut no1 does a sale like steam, apart from poundland lol
TirithRR Feb 26 @ 5:08pm 
Meh. Both GMG and Amazon have better prices many times and give credits when purchased.
Chris Feb 26 @ 5:19pm 
never seen the sales on amazon will keep my eye out for them
The Milkman Conspiracy (Banned) Feb 26 @ 5:33pm 
I don't even touch Steam Sales now that I can get tons of games in $5 bundles XD My library is completely clogged (admittingly with a lot of bad games).
Test Feb 26 @ 5:39pm 
I love the steam sales too, they got me hooked because of them.
YesBlackieChan Feb 26 @ 5:57pm 
Marma Feb 26 @ 5:59pm 
The GOG insomnia sale was better than any Steam sale. If Valve ever did a sale like that, the Steam community would go crazy.
415*Fle@B@gL@ne Feb 26 @ 9:07pm 
20+ hit games all on sale avg cost $7-$18 all major hits from 2010-2014
loegwefren Feb 26 @ 11:36pm 
yes sure
Ghost Rebellion Feb 27 @ 4:30am 
Yes :O They are the best sales BEST PRICE $.
☪ Furyus Feb 27 @ 6:44am 
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