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IncompleteSky Feb 25, 2014 @ 1:43pm
I'm sending out a warning to all Steam members, especially to those playing Dota 2.

This person <removed> is an impersonator.
He has been impersonating <removed> for nearly half a year now and has caused great grief.

The icon he is currently using is stolen from me and was meant for the real <removed>'s use ONLY.
Every link on his page leads to an impersonation account. This includes and is not limited to his youtube, deviantart, twitter, facebook, VK and of course Steam.
He has sold <removed>'s art and likely mine as well, I would not be surprised if the profits are what's funding his Steam account right now. I do not doubt all his games are bought with under the counter money, acquired from unlawfully selling other people's art.
He has also stolen and claimed numerous pieces of fanart of <removed> as his own works.

He has already been banned on four times and had his twitter removed repeatedly.

Hopefully I can make the Steam community aware of his deceit as well.

If I could I would go through all his friends individually and alert them, but Steam does not allow you to comment without adding people. Sadly that is a lot of people to add just to spread a warning and it's not a realistic thing to do at this point.

I'm not saying to not trade with this person should he have what you want, but please don't commend his trades on his profile. He does not deserve thanks. He has ruined lives.

Thank you to any and all who read this.
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Spawn of Totoro Feb 25, 2014 @ 1:49pm 
Please don't name and shame.

If you have claims of copyright, the please contact support. Same for your friend. He should also contact support about the impersonation issue.

In the meantime, I suggest not harassing the offending party as it won't do anything but give them fuel to use against you as well as opens yourself up to be reported.
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