Amplitud 2014年2月19日下午1:33
Should I buy Contagion or Just Cause 2?
They both are 2 awesome games, but i only have enough money to afford 1, so which ones should i buy? Maybe also if you want pros and cons about each game.
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Black Blade 2014年2月19日下午1:41 
Wait for a sale and get 2 of them?
Silicon Vampire 2014年2月19日下午1:47 
Well, I haven't played Contagion but being early access (I think anyway), I'd get JC2. I've played it quite a bit and still go back once in a while to blown♥♥♥♥♥♥up... and they have released a new multiplayer mod for it recently.

Pretty bad storyline and voice acting but still a TON of fun.
duckbot 2014年2月19日下午1:48 
Personally I would go with Just Cause 2. Singleplayer alone is a blast and with the recently added multiplayer mod there may be fun gameplay to be had there as well (I've yet to actually try to MP mod).

引用自 Silicon Vampire
Pretty bad storyline and voice acting but still a TON of fun.
I actually loved the bad voice acting. The way they had that Swedish bad guy talk with such an accent was just hilarious.
最后由 duckbot 编辑于; 2014年2月19日下午1:49
Amplitud 2014年2月19日下午1:49 
I just downloaded the demo, now im gonna test if i can run it, if i cant and i turned all the settings down and i still cant run it, ill buy contagion
Amplitud 2014年2月19日下午1:49 
You guys can keep on going with the suggestions though, if i can run JC2, i still need suggestions
Silicon Vampire 2014年2月19日下午1:54 
I ran it on a nvidia 9800 GT when I first got it.

Now on a 570GTX / 8GB / Core2Quad@2.66gHz / W7HP64 and cranked all the way up at 1280x1024...

It does require Vista, W7 or W8 for the DX10 functions.

BTW, the base game has been on sale for as little as $2.99 in the past.
最后由 Silicon Vampire 编辑于; 2014年2月19日下午1:55
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