high cat 2014年2月16日上午6:56
Best way to level up?
I want to level up my profile to at least ten. (So I can get a showcase)

I want to know how you leveled up and what you think the best way is.
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Nintendoge 2014年2月16日上午7:04 
To start you need to own a lot of games with cards basically, sell the ones you don't want on the market and start crafting badges with the ones you do. Secondly and there is really no way around this, you need to actually buy them. I stopped leveling at my current level of 58 because it was actually starting to get expensive and I don't want to dump my money into this.

I've forked out probabaly $100 or so to get to where I am and because of that it lost its luster, I have better things to spend my money on..
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high cat 2014年2月16日上午7:05 
Yeah, I never really see myself going super high in level. I just want to be able to deck out my profile a bit with a showcase. :)
Nintendoge 2014年2月16日上午7:06 
Every time you go up ten levels you need to craft more cards to level up. For example as a level 8 you need to craft one set of cards to go up a level. As a level 58 I need to craft six sets of cards to advance a single level..
dogger 2014年2月16日上午8:35 
You can work towards a badge by posting on here
high cat 2014年2月16日上午10:09 
引用自 dogger
You can work towards a badge by posting on here
Yeah, I finished that one.
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