Whiteowl Feb 9 @ 7:26pm
I have a question about Orange Box for Xbox 360
I dunno if its the right place, as I don't know if OB has its own discussion section.

Anyway, I'd like to ask any of those who have this game on Xbox, what is it like? Do you require internet first time around, does it need internet to play the games on it? Does it need to download the games? Or are they already on the disc and I may need to install them like I would with other games? Does it require to somehow login to steam? What? Just what's it like for Xbox and how does it work, I'd like to know before I buy it in the future, as I cannot connect to internet with my Xbox, at all, nor do I have gold membership yet, I already know TF2 is multplayer and that would require internet to play with others, but I mainly interest with the other games on there.

So if anyone could answer my questions, thanks, really appreciate it. And don't worry, I'm good with understanding, I really hope to get this game, course I have it on the PC, but since its been broken, I've turned back to good old Xbox 360.

Thanks to whomever,
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Forcen Feb 9 @ 10:54pm 
There actually is a forum for the console versions of Valve games in the old forums.
But asking here is probably fine here to.

I don't own the xbox 360 version of OB but I am fairly sure that it just works as any old xbox 360 game, you put the disc in and the xbox profile/online system handles the rest including the online multiplayer.

If you are familiar how Xbox 360 games work it will be the same. No installation unless you want to, it is all on the disc. No internet activation needed.

The version of TF2 on Xbox 360 is an old one anyway, no content updates has been released. You are probably better of playing TF2 on PC since it is free there and better supported. And yes, it requires xbox live gold.

You should be able to play the singleplayer games just fine, maybe you will miss some patches but it will probably be fine.

The PS3 version of Portal 2 can use Steam if you want to, for Steam achievements and coop, cloud and so on. You actually get it for the PC by registering it like that. That is the only console game that valve has made that works like that.

Also the PC version of the orange box is pretty cheap also, the old games like Half-Life 2 has been updated since 2004 with somewhat better graphics and achievements if you are fine playing them on a PC. http://store.steampowered.com/sub/469/

EDIT: What do you mean Broken? Is your PC broken?
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Whiteowl Feb 9 @ 11:42pm 
Yes, my computer is broken. Oh, also, somehow I cannot play HL2 or episodes on PC anyway, used to before something strange happened, every time I did start up when my PC was still working, the game would crash before the loading screen finished. That was for episodes actually, because I hadn't played any normal HL2 in a while due to the fact I didn't want any update yet it still said I needed it regardlessly.

Thanks for the information provided! Long time have I had orange box on PC, and I would have to say its a pretty good deal, 5 games in one box, and now from what you've told me, should work the same as any normal xbox360 game. Now I can get the game for Xbox without worrying I won't be able to play anything, also hoping they have it on special or the price of it has decreased recently enough. Getting a tad excited to play some of my favorite games that I having played since my PC broke down or they kinda broke.

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Forcen Feb 9 @ 11:51pm 
Hmm, you should try to fix your PC if you can. Maybe reformat, unless it is physically broken.
Whiteowl Feb 9 @ 11:58pm 
Yeah, I know, I actually might get another PC, it might be the motherboard, but I'm not sure, not really planning to take it to a PC shop cause they charge a lot, so getting a new one but place in some of the parts I'm sure aren't the cause in there.

Aaaanyway, thanks again, can't wait to play them again, but on Xbox, also a reason I wanted orange box for Xbox was to increase my gamerscore, as I've been able to 100% all HL2 games achievements on PC, now I can do them again!
Forcen Feb 10 @ 12:03am 
Another thing about the xbox version, it has LOADS of achievements but still only 1000gs. They are spread out over the games, including TF2.

Whiteowl Feb 10 @ 12:13am 
Ahh, I did wonder if achievements would be different too. Though I know it would've been fun to 100% my first game on Xbox 360. I'd still be able to get all HL2 related achievements, not to mention secret achievements, since I know what they are. But as for TF2, probably won't end up playing it.
Pocket Feb 10 @ 1:26pm 
I'm curious why you thought the game might require you to download the games instead of actually having them on the disc. Is this the first console you've ever owned or something?
Whiteowl Feb 10 @ 5:50pm 
Uh, no...I've played Xbox for years, used to have a black Xbox elite till it broke, but no red ring of death, then got an arcade and put the hard drive from the elite on it.

Reason I wondered is because of steam, whether you might have to download the games like for steam then no use of the disc again, also wondered how they could fit 5 games on one disc, and how it works to play which game you want, although I assume you would put the disc in the drive and it starts up like normal other games then has the choice between games and achievements are all on the same thing probably called Orange Box achievements.

I dunno, you might think me silly for thinking I might have to download...
Pocket Feb 10 @ 6:10pm 
Dual-layer DVDs hold a decent amount of data, and Half-Life 2 — the only full-length game on the disc — is pretty puny by Xbox 360 standards since it was originally made in the days before HD.

Also Steam is not involved in any way. The only console games that have made use of Steam are the PS3 versions of Portal 2 and maybe Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and that's just for registering achievements and granting a free PC copy to anyone who bought the game.
Whiteowl Feb 10 @ 6:44pm 
You mean puny as in the graphics aren't good? And also, what do you mean by the only full length game? There is still portal 1? And I like to consider at times combining ep1 and ep2 together in length. Well, alright... I dunno what its like, but you obviously do. Is there a half-lifed game on there or what? Get it? Half life? I meant half length.

I really need to know what to expect before I buy it and not end up with some full game and a bunch of demos or something. I'm kinda confused, so excuse that.
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