davethafunkyhomosapien 2014年2月1日 19時32分
Why is that people always seem to have all these gifts in their inventory?
I've seen guys with like, 3 copies of "Payday" and hundred games in their gift list and 400+ cards. Is trading really that lucrative?
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Kablam0 2014年2月1日 19時36分 
I doubt if anyone is paying their monthly mortgage by what they make off of Steam trading. To some, trading is a game - almost like gambling, or a management simulator.
davethafunkyhomosapien 2014年2月1日 20時07分 
Yeah my guess is they get 4 packs but only give away 3 for their friends and trade the 4th
Zefar 2014年2月1日 23時36分 
People buy up a lot of copies of games on sale and then trade them for other games when the price have gone up to it's normal price..

Cards are far easier to get hold of because they are dirt cheap on the market. I wouldn't bother trading for cards.
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