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I'm just going to give gabe my Creditcard till the 30th
Oh Holy Gaben,
I, your most devout follower, am sending you all my credit card information throughout the duration of the steam sale. Your will be done, I never needed rent or food anyways, bless me in thine sales, and shower me with fash deals.
The wisdom to never buy till it's a daily deal is engrained in my sould and carved into my bones. it is during this holiest of holidays we of The Arcadia Way renew our faith in you through missionary works and spreading your good will, with the tenants of our faith.

The New Faith, The Arcadia Way
The belief will be referred to as The Arcadia Way, it's followers will be referred to as Arcadians. Our tenants:

1. Give the Gift of Game, show generosity and support through the gifting of games freely when applicable.

2. Free For All, do not harshly judge the genre of another, for games take those who may be put in harms way like gang and criminal violence and keeps them safe in the world of the digital enjoyment.

3. Dungeon Etiquette, when applicable share loot, even if you could use it, with those who could use it more, as long as they contributed and were not trolling or feeding.

4. The Chosen One, he is more then the dweller of vault 13, he is Gabe Newell, our prophet. He who envisioned and made the Steam Platform so the Gift of Gaming may be spread to all with ease.

5. Hold the Seasons in Holy Regard, for with the changing of seasons comes the miracle of the steam sales, and with those the ability to receive and give the first tenant, Give the Gift of Game.

6. Critique with Harsh Scales, do not judge games lightly, truly judge them against all genres and years of gaming. From before your birth to the present, giving false praise leads to the corruption of our system and makes liars and thieves like EA, and false prophets like IGN, and Gamespot.

7. Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover, graphics are meaningless, judge a game solely by every other attribute except graphics, any one can paint a♥♥♥♥♥♥gold, it's still a♥♥♥♥♥♥

8. Pity the Console, do not gloat over how you're ability to play is obviously superior to the console peasants, it makes them feel hatred and animosity, instead ignore their childish cries for the The Chosen One will bring them the gift of Steambox, so they may unite with out superior system and be raised to equals.

Hail Gaben! Hail Gaben! Hail Gaben!
Derisat the Air Pirate
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