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ragestew (Banned) Jun 19, 2014 @ 7:54am
People going afk to gain hours...
Ok, so I just found out about this, but apperantly people go afk in online multiplayer games for several hours at a time, they just leave the game running while they do other things, to GAIN HOURS OF PLAYTIME, TO LOOK MORE EXPERIENCED.

That is the lamest thing I have ever heard of. I can't even.
There are two types of gamers. The ones that turn on a game, play to win, but also have fun; and the ones that will go afk for hours of playtime, boost with their friends, and kick you out of lfd2 if your hours aren't above 300.

(btw the afk thing happens in cs:go apperantly, but I've seen it a lot in TF2 as well, never would I have imagined that there was a reason behind the afk...)
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AgentSmith Jun 19, 2014 @ 8:11am 
In CS:GO it happens to get items
Spawn of Totoro Jun 19, 2014 @ 8:13am 
They don't go AFK in-game to increase hours. What they do is launch the game and leave. "Time played" is counted while the .exe is running, even at the main menu.

Originally posted by SoulChaserJ:
In CS:GO it happens to get items

Items are a different story. If you see such behavior, report them by their Steam Profile.
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