Walsh Jun 7 @ 1:55pm
Any good achievement games?
Hi friends, I'm looking for some games to get some achievements, I'm looking for something that doesn't take ridiculousnessly long 1-4 hours per achievements. Also I'd prefer If the achievements were unique, Not like do this mode on easy, normal, hard, insane, you know stupid/lame/repetitive or something like complete all missions. Any help is greatly appericated as always.
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Segata Sanshiro Jun 7 @ 2:52pm 
Unreal Development Kit. 8 achievements. The hardest one is to play a match with every each mutator. You'll need to download it from the official site, since all you get from steam is the text file telling you to download it from the official site (frequent updates and that stuff). Or Duke Nukem Megaton Edition. Cheats don't disable achievements, you even get one for it.

On the unique side, Homefront has an achievement for teabagging 5 corpses AND doing it while the victim is looking when waiting for respawn in multiplayer.
The Meerkat Jun 7 @ 3:45pm 
Ace Combat Assault Horizon is easy achievments
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