Gegegreen Jun 6 @ 3:05pm
Ignore this post people have began to troll it
Im itching for a new game i want a freeroam medieval game not elder scrolls i already know those, or a free roam pirate game like assasins creed black flag but more focus on upgrading the ship and stuff not sid meires pirates i already know that also please put the price with your suggestion i dont want a to costly game
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UberFiend (Banned) Jun 6 @ 3:33pm 
Pirates Of The Burning Sea (POTBS)
Gegegreen Jun 6 @ 6:04pm 
im sorry i didnt spell it right deal with it everyone gets what it meens
Gegegreen Jun 6 @ 8:26pm 
can you guys just go away im trying to find games i dont see why anyone would care if i spell it right
Caps Jun 6 @ 9:27pm 
The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is a pretty good one
skyhero115 Jun 7 @ 5:28am 
Pirates Of The Burning Sea (POTBS)
ukrlesn1k Jun 7 @ 6:01am 
I Russian!)
Gegegreen Jun 7 @ 6:12am 
Thank you Caps Bdk skyhero115 and Uber Friend for ignoring my spelling and accualy helping rather than be a grammar nazi
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