blade6309 Aug 25, 2014 @ 12:06am
Any decent games of this type I would like?
Sup, I've found myself looking at graphic noviels for a while now but I play them then I wish I never did cause of how fast they end, for example I was dared by one of my steam friends to play Sakura Spirit and I did and beat it. I ended up liking the game and I knew they would continue it from the cliffhanger at the end but since its not out yet its just 3 hours of gameplay. Anyone know of any long but good graphic novels/Dating sims? I seem to be in that mood >.> hopefully I'll go back to my days of MOBAs and counter strike but untell then those type of games. I'd prefure choice in a game and personalization... is that a word? Whatever, the more I can custumize me/my character the more I like it and since most of these tend to be about female's I'd prefure options with decent story, Fanservice is fine but not to much. Dialog needs to not suck and since I'ma dude only playing as a guy. Also I like lots of choice for example I find myself watching a situation and being like "I would have done/said this" less of that would be great. Price doesn't MAJORLY matter but try not to go overboard. I feel like I should mention I live in Canada also. Thanks for you input MOST games are considerd and feedback will be givin after I look up the game
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Well, there's a few free ones around on Steam;
Sunrider: First Arrival
Narcissu 1st & 2nd

So you won't have to throw money down to try out the genre.

I kinda liked Analogue's Hate story. Seems it`s got a sequel too. They kind of went a different direction than the whole dating sim thing.
Dysfunctional Systems also had a bit of a different than usual story.

Heck, there's even non-anime VN's on Steam, like The 39 Steps.

But they don't have much customization.
lol, I guess stuff like Long Live the Queen comes closer to that.
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blade6309 Aug 26, 2014 @ 9:01am 
Sunrider looks interesting while I'm not a big Sci-fi fan I might play it. Narcissu strikes me as odd but since its free I might play that to. I've seen a little gameplay of Analogue, Its not really bad but I don't think I'll play it. The idea of Dysfuctional Systems looks cool but not to be sexxest but I prefure to play as a male. I've already seen lots of Long Live the Queen gameplay Its not really something I'd play and in this case its not cause of the female protagonist. I'll Take a look at the first to, oh yea and I tried to look up 39 steps all that came up was a play o.0 Thanks for the input though
blade6309 Aug 26, 2014 @ 10:33am 
Thanks for the suggestion but I've already seen a plathrough of it >.>
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