aasmus Apr 24 @ 9:39am
Can someone help me i am new
I am new can someone help me
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(6OH3) grntstateofmind Apr 24 @ 9:40am 
aasmus Apr 24 @ 9:56am 
On how to install a game
like team fortress 2
YangBang101 Apr 24 @ 10:14am 
Fibman Apr 24 @ 10:25am 
search it on the store, and purchuase it. I think it's free, so simply add it to your library and from your library right click and install.
aasmus Apr 24 @ 10:30am 
tried it says server down
Astraea Kisaragi Apr 24 @ 11:08am 
Must be something with your connection. I just tried and it started to install without any problems.
aasmus Apr 24 @ 12:15pm 
Ok ill try when i get back to london
Isaax1336 Apr 24 @ 2:50pm 
I also tried but instead of saying anything it'll start for a split second then go back down. It won't let me play.
aasmus Apr 29 @ 11:02am 
I believe you
hi im vrinskiii <3 Apr 29 @ 11:32am 
aasmus Apr 29 @ 12:05pm 
what does that mean
t.koenecke May 9 @ 8:29am 
will it affect my pc
t.koenecke May 9 @ 8:31am 
do you need friends
[FG]-Jord77665 May 9 @ 12:58pm 
Hey also check out Dota 2 and Planetside 2 some great free to play games on steam. PM me if you want to play.
aasmus May 12 @ 7:05am 
yes i need friends

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