EagleVigilante 3月15日上午5:16
Looking For Gaming Peeps
Looking for some riends as i have only been pc gaming for 2 weeks. i would like to not be gaming with strangers all the time but with people that i can have a good laugh and enjoy the game so plz add me for some good ol' 2 controller, no save, nes, trash talking, controller slamming fun
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DJ Xsafro 3月15日上午5:18 
I believe i have some pork reinds in the fridge. Help yourself! Their quite nice to.
EagleVigilante 3月15日上午5:19 
that sounds like a party to me
DJ Xsafro 3月15日上午5:21 
No partai like a Pork Reind Partai!
EagleVigilante 3月15日上午5:24 
cuz a pork reinds party....will make you sick if you dip it in mayo...food for thought..smiley face
ρоѕιтяои_ 3月15日上午10:35 
Welcome to Steam and PC gaming.
[FG]-Jord77665 3月15日上午11:04 
Welcome to the PC community on Steam, enjoy gaming with friends online
BADRICHARDRICH 3月15日下午12:39 
EagleVigilante 3月15日下午3:34 
hey there spkeith and thankx guys for welcome
Twilight 3月15日下午6:40 
dafa0904 3月15日下午6:59 
proudmishaminion 3月15日下午8:15 
Anyone here play portal 2?
EagleVigilante 3月15日下午9:47 
no but i will most likely be downloading portal 1 n 2 in a few days
Berty 3月16日上午12:32 
Welcome to the Masterrace, I'd like to play with you btw!
EagleVigilante 3月16日上午1:12 
sweet i have added you we should def game. warning i do suck on pc
Creasy 3月20日上午3:28 
Feel free to add me, I'm happy to play/chat whenever I'm online. Also got a few trading cards to help people get started if they need them.
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