EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 4時23分
PC Gamer for a week
I have been gaming on Pc for a little over a week. Would love some good suggestions on s good pc games. i like MMO and Strategy but will play anything that is fun. I have done the whole "best pc games of 2010-14"on youtube and it doesn't really feel legit. So I am asking the Community.
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Nhaselton 2014年3月15日 4時44分 
Well, Defience is an mmo, Company of heros is an RTS Strategy abd Skyrim(Great Game) is an RPG
Jord77665 2014年3月15日 4時52分 
Free to play games ; Dota 2, Planetside 2, TF2

Pay game : Skyrim, Total Wars
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 4時57分 
I will check out defience and dota. i have spoiled my self on skyrim.
Spagett 2014年3月15日 8時08分 
XCOM is pretty cool if you like strategy games.
ρоѕιтяои_ 2014年3月15日 10時33分 
Welcome to PC gaming.
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 15時35分 
will check xcom thx
Shankz 2014年3月15日 15時45分 
For MMO Path of Exile is a pretty good free to play, and Civilization 5 is a great strategy game
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 15時49分 
i am getting cicilization 5 monday
TastyToast 2014年3月15日 16時01分 
if youre new to PC gaming should check out Humblebundle, bundlestars, groupees, greenmangaming, gamersgate, gamefly digital, amazon digital games, all these places can get you good deals on games for steam that compliment the steam sales. as for my recommendation, one of my favorite games thats come out rescently is the Shadow Warrior reboot. its a fun single player FPS, but its a wonderful game.
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 16時20分 
i a horrible at fps i try but fail. I will check on gamefly and amazon. you guys are really making this a wonderful experience. I really do appreiciate all of what you guys are doing.
Mr.Sandman 2014年3月15日 17時54分 
Total War Shogun 2 is a good strategy game. I warn you, it has some resource intensive graphics though.
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 21時48分 
Слэбхайд ت 2014年3月15日 22時09分 
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 22時18分 
i am getting dota i have a massive download list already getting a great game list thankx to you guys
EagleVigilante 2014年3月15日 22時19分 
btw if you guys want you can add me
would luv to game with all the good ppl of steam. well maybe not all
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