Dmitriy Nov 12, 2012 @ 1:39am
How to create and edit managed UI?
I'm editing Alien Swarm source code. In code I see such parts src\game\client\swarm\vgui\nb_main_panel.h:
// == MANAGED_CLASS_DECLARATIONS_START: Do not edit by hand ==
class vgui::Label;
class vgui::Panel;
class vgui::Button;
class vgui::ImagePanel;
class CNB_Lobby_Row;
class CNB_Lobby_Row_Small;
class CNB_Lobby_Tooltip;
class CNB_Mission_Summary;
class CNB_Header_Footer;
class CNB_Button;

// == MANAGED_MEMBER_POINTERS_START: Do not edit by hand ==
CNB_Header_Footer *m_pHeaderFooter;
vgui::Label *m_pLeaderLabel;

vgui::ImagePanel *m_pReadyCheckImage;
CNB_Lobby_Row *m_pLobbyRow0;
CNB_Lobby_Row_Small *m_pLobbyRow1;
CNB_Lobby_Row_Small *m_pLobbyRow2;
CNB_Lobby_Row_Small *m_pLobbyRow3;
CNB_Lobby_Tooltip *m_pLobbyTooltip;
CNB_Mission_Summary *m_pMissionSummary;

So how do I edit this if not by hand? Are there some resource files for this or what?
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Dmitriy Nov 15, 2012 @ 7:55am 
I was told that managed code is created by Valve's GUI editor, which is not available for modders. So you can edit this code freely.
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