oliverames 2012年9月8日下午1:33
Steam Games Folder
I've got a new Retina Display Macbook pro and liked the idea of not having a very big SSD and so, I only have 250gigs of space. I was thinking about downloading one game at a time, playing and then deleting it but that didn't seem to be what I want as the games are huge to download.

Now though I have a USB 3 external hard drive and am wondering if it is possible to move all the game files over to the hard drive while leaving the steam app on my computer. Essentially so that if I open Steam up without the hard drive connected I have to reinstall all the games. Another option would be to install the entire Steam app on the external drive.

So, how do I do this? I've heard about copying over the game files from Application support and using a symlink but I'm not sure how to do that. Any have a tried and true method for Mountain Lion?

Thanks so much
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WESS J 2012年9月8日下午6:13 
Kyahx 2012年9月8日下午11:41 
If you are OK with always plugging in your games drive to play anything (even something small like Plants vs Zombies) then I would suggest moving your entire Steam folder to the other drive. However if you want Steam to still work without the drive plugged in (for things like browsing the store and community stuff) then you should leave the "Steam" folder on your main drive, and only move and link the "steamapps" folder within it.

Making a symlink is fairly easy, you just open the terminal and type:
ln -s "/path/to/new/location" "/path/to/old/location"

For example, if you were to move your "steamapps" folder out of your Library and to an external drive called "Games HD" you would type:
ln -s "/Volumes/Games HD/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps" "~/Library/Application Support/Steam/steamapps"

Also for the sake of keeping things neat I would suggest recreating the same folder structure on your USB drive as the main drive. For example if you move the "~/Library/Application Support/Steam" folder I would place it in "/Volumes/Games HD/Library/Application Support/Steam"

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oliverames 2012年9月9日上午7:27 
I never move the steam.app file right? I think I'll just move the steamapps folder with a symlink. So my question now is, after I move the folder and create the symlink, when I download games from steam will they download to the external drive?
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lucaQM 2013年12月24日下午2:53 
this isn't working for me it doesn't come up with any error the is what i typed pleases help

ln -s "/Volumes/LaCie/Steam" "/Users/lucamooney/Library/Application Support/Steam"
RZKY 2013年12月24日下午5:25 
引用自 oliverames
So my question now is, after I move the folder and create the symlink, when I download games from steam will they download to the external drive?

yes.. well, it should be..

but i did something like this a few weeks a go. i was trying to move my iTunes movies folder to an external drive. but i run into a permission problem. i cannot add new items to my library.

hopefully Steam doesn't have this same problem. let me know if it works. i want to move my games as well :)


i just noticed something. it seems Steams allows you to have multiple storage locations. check the Steam preferences, it's on the "Downloads" tab.
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