Some good tf2 loadouts
any thoughts?
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Backburner, Detonator, Postal Pummeler/Powerjack/Back Scratcher as Pyro, on 2Fort. Use Detonator to go on the roof, and in enemy's spawn room floor, then backburn snipers and everyone else, to finally go get intel before anyone.
Heavy: Stock Minigun, Sandvich, GRU
Minigun + Sandvich combo is best.
Melee weapons can be Fists of Steel or KGB but I prefer GRU because of the speed boost.
Winter Haze Jun 26, 2016 @ 5:36am 
spy: L'etranger, knife, dead ringer, sapper. scout: any scatter gun, flying guillotine, sandman. sniper: any sniper, jarate, bushwacka. engineer: rescure ranger, wrangler, jag.
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