Unrealistic Hacker™ 9. Aug. 2013 um 12:20 Uhr
Garry's Mod keeps crashing when in a server on Dark RP
I don't know why but whenever I'm on a server of Dark RP it keeps crashing. Keep in mind I'm using a MacBook Pro, but I don't understand I play Jail Break and other game modes and it never crashes until I join Dark RP. Can someone help me figure this out?
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Adam Davies 10. Aug. 2013 um 0:49 Uhr 
I thought mac was a good computer for everything but really its just a buisness computer meant for microsoft word and internet,the computer barely has enough RAM to run games,its sucks at running games and it why there areant many games out for it because it doesnt run them well at all unless you get your computer cleaned and a 500$ upgrade but still it will only run a little better,for me garrys mod can only hold on for 42 minutes then it crashes no matter what,those 400$ windows labtops run video game way better, my friend got one of those new IBM ones and it was like 320$ bucks and it does almost everything better than my 2000 mac book pro,the only thing good about this computer is that on the internet it can hold out longer than almost any other computer under a 1000$ for a while,nothing much to it,better off selling it and getting one of those alienware computers for like 1500 that run like 100 times better than the mac at gaming and downloading speeds and processing.
Adam Davies 10. Aug. 2013 um 0:51 Uhr 
apple should stick with ipods and phones,your literally being ripped off a 1000$ for a brand
Wittz8 17. Okt. 2013 um 18:18 Uhr 
I hate when people like Shizuo just rant and leave the poor guy without an answer. I have the same problem. Touble in Terrorist Town and Jail Break work, but all of the RPs don't.
Yosimite 17. Okt. 2013 um 18:26 Uhr 
Mac User here, I don't like it when people put hate on Apple, Dark RP servers always crash for me. I can play every game mode except for that one.

Quick note here, macs ram are stock 4-16 gb of DDR3 ram, and can be expanded from 32-128 gb of DDR3 ram. Please don't put hate on a product you don't have, either you are jealous or you just don't know what you are saying.
Wittz8 18. Okt. 2013 um 15:57 Uhr 
I agree with Yosimite.
ThinkSlower 3. Jan. um 9:02 Uhr 
Still no answer it is happening to me to
Akecheta 12. März um 17:32 Uhr 
Mine is even crashing with Sandbox
Mr.Bean 12. März um 19:04 Uhr 
Ok listen up! Macs are really good computers, but they do have their issues. I have many macs with all sorts of Ram. 4GB,8GB, and a 16GB. The computer is fully capable of running nice games. The only problem is that not all games are meant for macs. Back to the topic here, I have been playing Dark Rp on macs for many years now. It will crash on almost all servers you join. When you do finally get onto one, it will crash the next time you try to join the server. All other gamemodes for GMod work but Dark Rp, which sadly is the best gamemode! I have no idea why!
vldmort 19. März um 21:16 Uhr 
It has something to do with DarkRP being a custom gamemode.
vldmort 19. März um 21:16 Uhr 
I also use a MBP btw.
Matti(PL) 20. März um 11:46 Uhr 
Whitegrapes 20. März um 19:15 Uhr 
a big help (kinda) is to downoad and use smcfancontrol. Itll let your grafics card kick up alittle while your computer stays cool
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