Weread 2013年7月29日下午7:23
Payday 2
Valve should make Payday 2 for mac 10.6.8. Anyone Agree?
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Ivan Poddubniy 2013年7月30日上午5:49 
Janichsan 2013年7月30日上午7:03 
I don't agree, since it's not Valve's job to port other people's games.
treuest 2013年7月30日上午11:52 
Why would they bother, nobody else does, i'll be playing killing floor till the end of time
Rosh 2013年7月31日下午1:48 
that's great
The Killer McGoo 2013年7月31日下午5:16 
Can you play skyrim on the mac? I can't remember. Cause i really want to play it.
Elegant assassin ✦ 2013年8月1日上午12:43 
I agree with
VaS 2013年8月1日上午10:20 
Kern 2013年8月1日上午11:05 
It would really be on the studio that created the game to either make a native version of the game or reach out to another outside company that specializes in porting games to the mac.

But yes, I would like to see it on the Mac too. :)
krubble 2013年8月6日上午11:06 
I agree Payday 2 should be available for the Mac, but unfortunately Valve doesn't make those decisions, the developer does. So the more of us Mac Gamers bug the developers about this, the better chance we have to get this on Steam for Mac.
ColaFTW 2013年8月9日下午1:47 
I dont think Valve made Payday 2
Unbelievable _____¸.•'¯) 2013年8月11日下午9:31 
man,the game was made by 505 studio,not our friendly Valve,but I really hope they have plans to port it onto Mac platform,I guess the reason why so many people think the game comes out from Valve at the first glance may simply contributed to the graphic similarities when compared to CS:GO and TF2 which are made based on Valve's Source engine
[CaT]PolareBear 2013年8月13日上午6:40 
i bought payday 1 and it did not even warn me that its not on mac and when i had paid and were going to install it it said this game is not for your platform. ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Deluxe Juice 2013年8月13日上午10:36 
YES YES YES Please! I own a Mac and it kinda sucks that not all games are available. I know this game is pretty badass and it would do very well if they made it for mac because its going to be really popular. I hope they bring it to mac!!
mateusz074 2013年8月14日上午12:21 
Lens 2013年8月14日上午1:29 
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