Alkus 2012 12 月 12 @ 1:31下午
Steam not running after last update (today)
OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion
Please help me.

Repair permission, remove corrupted preferences, … not help me
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huntnzombies 2012 12 月 12 @ 4:05下午 
yeah i am having the same problem, playing tf2 one minute and i leave and when i come back an update installs and now i can't play
chrpica 2012 12 月 12 @ 10:23下午 
Same here - I can't get the program to launch.
CAFE KUT- FA1L 2012 12 月 13 @ 3:27上午 
Same goes for me; icon appears in the dock for a split second, then vanishes and nothing else happens. Can do this over and over again.

13" MachBook Pro, 2011 model
2.7 GHz i7
Mac OS X v10.7.5
Alkus 2012 12 月 13 @ 9:31上午 
I tried reinstalling Steam. But simply without uninstalling everything. You can try.

I had no application in the directory Steam Applications, but in a subfolder.

1. I downloaded the current version of Steam.
2. I pulled the Steam application of DMG in the directory Applications.
3. I let Steam application of this new position.

Note: Yesterday when I was trying to revive the application to remove all items from the application directory according to one of the guides here on the forum. It is possible that you will need to take that step.

~/Library/Application Support/Steam/config/htmlcache/
CAFE KUT- FA1L 2012 12 月 13 @ 10:28上午 
Tried the above, didn't work...
Alkus 2012 12 月 13 @ 10:42上午 
I am writing this as an option, which helped me. Your problem may be different.

I start the application stopped working after the latest Steam update in a way that did not come even application icon Steam.
DarkCloud14 2012 12 月 13 @ 12:27下午 
They screwed something up in the shell script.
If you've the Steam application file in a location where the path contains spaces it doesn't work. E.g. is in /Volumes/My Awesome HD/Games/ then it will not work.

You can temporary resolve the problem by moving the file into your Applications directory or into a directory where the whole path doesn't contain spaces. That means no directory with a space in it.

If a somebody of Steam support should read this it's the following part at the beginning of which doesn't correctly parse the steam binary name:

if [ -z $STEAMEXE ]; then
STEAMEXE=`basename $0 .sh`
chrpica 2012 12 月 13 @ 12:36下午 
Good post DarkCloud - I'll have to try it when I get home. Hopefully they go about fixing it... Kind of frustrating!
DarkCloud14 2012 12 月 13 @ 12:44下午 
Yeah I hope so too! I tried to manually fix the shell script but if you start steam it'll automatically overwrite the fixed file with the buggy one. -.-

It also didn't completly startup by just fixing the line mentioned above.
But as it updated the shell script after start I cannot say, if it tried to start the false shell script again after updating it or if there is another problem in the script when directories of the path to steam contain spaces.

An alternative if you really cannot move it for some reason is to start steam over the shell script within a terminal. At least then it worked fine for me even with the buggy shell script as it then get's the path with the correct syntax for spaces inside directory names..
CAFE KUT- FA1L 2012 12 月 13 @ 1:56下午 
Thanks DarkCloud, worked!
Xavier J. Khoulwhip 2012 12 月 13 @ 4:45下午 
Thanks, DarkCloud. I moved my Steam app to a directory that doesn't have spaces, and it worked just fine. I'm going to update the support ticket I made earlier to notify Valve that this is the problem in the hope that they will update the script file to properly work with directory names with spaces (a very common thing on the Mac OS).
Jim Bond 2012 12 月 13 @ 4:52下午 
This isn't the first time a Steam update broke the Mac build. :-(
vikinghammer2 2012 12 月 13 @ 5:08下午 
i also have the same problem after update. steam or any docked games wont load up. i have a ticket open since tuesday and it has gone un-answered. i wish someone from value/steam would say whats wrong.
ToaOfSpace 2012 12 月 13 @ 5:57下午 
It removed most files from my mac. Im ♥♥♥♥ED OFF at steam and valve
DarkCloud14 2012 12 月 13 @ 10:15下午 
No spaces in directories includes also the name of the hard drive.

Such paths may be resolved to /Volumes/<your hard drive name>/Directory/
Also if you moved the to your documents directory or any other user home directory it can be a problem if your user name (Unix user name) contains spaces!

The easiest way would be to move it into the default Applications directory at least for now. There the folder should always be resolved as /Applications/ ...

I guess the reason for the problem has something todo with the linux beta as it looks like the shell script is used for both operating systems.
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