PØTATØ 2013 04 月 23 @ 9:22下午
Gmod and CSS texture error
I started playing CSS again. No problem yet (3-4 days of normal gameplay, everything worked). I believe about about a week or two CSS updated something on my mac. It was not an error, but it said something like," Please wait. It can take several minutes.... downloading optimization files for CSS.." after that i tried to join a server and this appeared :

"V_AppendSlash: ran out of space on /Users/myusername/Library/Application Support/Steam/SteamApps/common/Counter-Strike Source/cstrike/maps/map.bsp"

Only on one server this message appears any other works fine (This is on CSS). Then i log into Gmod and then many textures are missing on every map.NOTE: I have both CSS and GMOD and since that message about file optimization appeared (On CSS), i have those errors. Before that everything worked fine.

Any way of fixing this? Or is it an internal error?
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NiceRice 2013 04 月 26 @ 2:04下午 
I have the same problem with Garry's mod. I have both CSS and GMOD and downloaded them both, but the texture keeps on showing error signs. I've tried to fix this by reinstalling GMOD and CSS several times. Please Fix!
Tirasangue(I miss H.O.T.D) 2013 05 月 7 @ 12:47下午 
This is happening to me too, gmod is one of my mostly played games i hope they fix it soon :/
Robert 2013 05 月 10 @ 9:48上午 
Happening to me aswell. Just got css today and played a dark rp server and there are no gun textures whatsoever. I think this is a mac only problem
TheAwesomeMoodster 2013 05 月 10 @ 7:56下午 
Im getting all these ERROR signs to its really anyyoing i hope they update Garrys mod soon so it doesnt do that
TheAwesomeMoodster 2013 05 月 10 @ 7:56下午 
Ossiran 2013 06 月 19 @ 1:51下午 
im getting this problem on a pc as well
TheExploding Car Killer dolphin 2013 07 月 12 @ 8:44上午 
same as well
rajadhupar 2013 07 月 25 @ 10:47上午 
me too some one fix this AAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
jojomuffinswag 01 月 14 @ 10:48上午 
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