DRTiggles 2014年1月1日下午6:51
Game Controller for Macs
Anyone know of a good game controller that is Mac/Steam compatible?
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s33r 2014年1月1日下午6:52 
You can use a PS3 or an XBox 360 controller with your Mac and both are Steam compatible. Found pairing the PS3 controller really easy.
DRTiggles 2014年1月1日下午6:53 
I'll give the PS3 controller a try. Thanks
AixAixorcism 2014年1月3日下午4:03 
I've had the most success/compatability with the Xbox controller. Better that the PS3 or the Logitech controllers. They seem to be less sensitive, more glitchy, and partially compatible with games (eg: some controller features work within a game, but not all).
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