Not sure about Parallel or Bootcamp?
I have seen many people complain about why some games are not on mac but most people answer by getting Bootcamp or Parallel install. I understand but its PC thing or idk. If i install it, will it hurt my computer and "open" a small passage for hackers to get in and steal info about everything? I really want to play some games that i brought for Mac eventhough its only for PC. I brought it to get the deals, some of the game that i want was at low price and i had to get it so i will save more money later. Good thing is that later on, I will buy PC so i can play more games than ever. Just want to see some reasons why to add it and what does the postive/negative does it give.
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Are you people for real? (virus in another thread and now hackers stealing your stuff).
Are their any Mac owners that really know ANYTHING about computers? Windows comes with a firewall program. I've left my computer on 24 hours a day for years and no one has ever hacked it. I think you're watching to many TV shows.

Video (click HD) of my Mac running Borderlands 2 on Mac in window and Win8 in a window with Sailing simulator... and Mac Steam. This is with parallels.
screen cap of my mac with win8 open and windows steam running.
Jeff The Killer Jan 1, 2014 @ 7:07pm 
No, one of my friend did used it and his computer was bad when he install it so he guess it was a virus so i was just checking.
Curby Jan 1, 2014 @ 10:37pm 
For the best performance and game compatibility, use Boot Camp. You can then install VMWare Fusion or Parallels and boot to your Boot Camp partitiion to manage patches, etc.
korda Jan 2, 2014 @ 12:22am 
Anything about CrossOver? In my experience, Parallel have better integration with OsX (about interface), VMWare and Bootcamp too, but all they need a Windows licence for works. CrossOver don't and not install ANYTHING dangerous (hacker free) on Mac.
Everythings "stay in a bottle", all PC software run INSIDE a virtual bottle.
Bottles because is a Wine's (a Linux project that "build Virtual Machine" that runs PC software INSIDE Mac OsX and Linux, without install Win or partitioning NOTHING).
Obviously all this need a minimum of 2 Gb Ram, fine with 8 but works better with 16 Gb. All we need is ONLY RAM.
Is not free but it's a great piece of software from CodeWeavers. Interface is simple clean and easy to use.
For older macusers: do you remember Virtual PC? Years ago Microzot buy it from Connectix and vanishing all works, because stop supporting Apple Os9 (how many years...) at all. Remake a Virtual Pc only for pc retro-compatibility...
Now only Wine's flavours (CrossOver or Wineskin) works to maintain supported Os "clean" from install and buy a windows licence. CrossOver it's more mac friendly than Wineskin.
PS. If someone will maintain OS Panther, or Lion need Parallels for running different Virtual Machines.
Happy New 2014 at all and support OpenSoftware because IMHO it's a response at our needs and pardon my pidgin english.
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EatmeChowdown Jan 2, 2014 @ 6:00am 
Bootcamp is really easy to setup; it's already built into Mac OS and I would recommend Bootchamp if you have any teething problems. You will need to install and run Antivirus software whenever you are on the Windows OS but it's nothing out of the ordinary.
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