Tavudrums 2014年1月1日 15時19分
New Screenshot Feature not working.

Steam has a recent feature where one can take and upload game screenshots through Steam itself.

In the preferences, it has the F12 key as the default for Steam screenshots, which is more a carryover from PC.

To actually take a screenshot in Mac OS one would press Command+Shift+3.

But, this saves the screenshot to your Desktop, and Steam doesn't register the screenshot as taken, and they don't show up on the Screenshot Uploader, even if you set up a folder for it and set it on the Steam Preferences.

Has anyone figured out a work around for this?

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macna1 2014年1月1日 15時50分 
option + fn + f12
Tavudrums 2014年1月1日 15時56分 
Thank you! Just tested it and works like a charm.
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